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Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969–1976, Volume E–1, Documents on Global Issues, 1969–1972

Susan K. Holly
William B. McAllister
General Editor:
Edward C. Keefer

United States Government Printing Office

Department of State
Office of the Historian
Bureau of Public Affairs


This volume documents the foreign policy of the Nixon administration concerning global issues, sometimes also called transnational issues. The table of contents provides the best idea of the kinds of issues documented by this topical, global issues volume: terrorism, hijacking, and other attacks on civil aviation; international narcotics control; international cooperation in space; international environmental policy; and oceans policy. This is by no means a complete list of the global issues that the Nixon administration confronted. Others, such as energy, disarmament, refugees, and human rights, will be covered in separate volumes in the 1969–1976 subseries. During the period covered in this volume, there were a number of refugee problems that resulted from regional conflicts or civil wars; however, the Nixon administration usually approached such refugee problems individually, rather than dealing with them as part of a global problem. Although not then considered to be a major factor in general U.S. foreign policy, human rights violations—especially the question of religious persecution—surfaced repeatedly during the period from 1969 to 1972. Again, the Nixon administration approached the problem bilaterally rather than multilaterally. Any attempt to link human rights into a single compilation with some ideological or philosophical coherence would not represent how contemporary policy makers conceived the issue. It is the opinion of the editors that this volume covers the era most faithfully by focusing on those topics that the first Nixon administration recognized as distinctly global issues and dealt with on a transnational basis. Topics treated primarily on a bilateral or regional basis can be found in other volumes in this subseries.