75. Telegram From the Department of State to all Diplomatic Posts except Gaborone, Maseru, Mbabane, and Moscow1 2

Montreal for US Rep ICAO


  • Special Meeting of ICAO Council on Aircraft Hijacking


  • State 151211 and 152430
ICAO Council considered in open meeting Sept 18 US proposal for concerted ICAO action to suspend air services to States which for international blackmail purposes detain passengers, crew and aircraft after a hijacking or fail to extradite or prosecute hijackers. Secretary of Transportation Volpe’s statement (STATE 153122) received with great deal of interest. Canada presented draft resolution containing its proposal for amendment of bilateral air transport agreements to implement sanctions. US draft resolution will be considered first when Council next discusses subject on September 29.
Preliminary reaction from Governments represented on ICAO Council indicates some confusion on US objectives and general feeling that sanctions may well be desirable but pose certain difficulties.
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Missions are urged to draw on info previously furnished in following up earlier representatives.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970-73, AV 12. Limited Official Use. Repeated to the Consulate in Montreal for US ICAO. Drafted by Meadows and Gravatt, cleared in IO and L, and approved by Meadows.
  2. The Department transmitted information on the special ICAO Council meeting held to consider U.S. proposals on hijacking.