58. Telegram 1857 From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1 2

Subj: Hijacking


Text of consensus Res as adopted unanimously:

“The Security Council,

“Gravely concerned at the threat to innocent civilian lives from the hijacking of aircraft and any other interference in international travel.

“Appeals to all parties concerned for the immediate release of all passengers and crews without exception, held as a result of hijackings and other interference in international travel.

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“Calls on states to take all possible legal steps to prevent further hijackings or any other interference with international civil air travel.”


Text of statement to press by Amb Yost on SC action:

“The United States called for an urgent meeting of the Security Council to deal with the recent hijackings in the Middle East because we were determined to take every possible step to protect the lives of the innocent victims and because we felt that the Council had a responsibility to act when faced with this aggravation of the already serious situation in the Middle East.

As President Nixon stated in his address to the last General Assembly security the safety of air travel is an issue regarding which “there should be no national differences.”

“It was in that spirit that the Council acted today. We are deeply gratified that the Council decided to call for the immediate release of all passengers and crews without exception held as a result of hijackings. We trust that those to whom this appeal is addressed will pay heed to the unanimous voice of the principal organ of the United Nations, speaking I am sure for the whole community of nations.”

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970-73, AV 12. Unclassified. Repeated to Algiers, Beirut, Bern, Bonn, London, Moscow, Paris, Tel Aviv, USINT Cairo, the U.S. mission to Geneva, and the consulate in Jerusalem.
  2. The telegram transmitted the text of a UN Security Council resolution that expressed grave concern about the hijackings.