290. Telegram 16911 From the Department of State to the Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization1 2


  • CCMS Guidance for Science Committee Meeting February 5-6


  • State 14863
When Science Committee (SC) last met in October of 1969, CCMS was still in formative stages and had rot yet won official approval from NAC. Some NATO member governments still had doubts about their participation or even the desirability of establishing CCMS at all. It is not surprising, then, that similar element of doubt in evidence at SC meeting.
Since then, and beginning with highly successful first meeting last December, CCMS has made real progress. Plans are underway for meetings within next few weeks on three US pilot projects, with experts from interested member countries attending. Great majority of NATO membership now firmly committed to and actively engaged in work of CCMS. In short, new NATO activity in [Page 2] environmental field shows every sign of fulfilling promise contained in original proposal.
At October SC meeting, several delegates remarked on need to clarify division of labor between SC and COMS where both committees involved in same field of study. It should now be clear to all concerned that CCMS, as action-oriented body seeking convince governments to take concrete steps toward solving problems of environment, should in no way interfere or clash with activities of SC. On contrary, we foresee most fruitful cooperation between two committees precisely because of their complementary functions.
Also at October SC meeting, German representative (Dr. Pestel) cited need for coordination among interested international bodies on question of sea pollution, with view to avoiding duplication of effort in this area of SC interest. As is known, Belgians have undertaken to pilot study on open water pollution for CCMS, with [Page 3] Portugal and France as co-pilots, and US and others actively involved as participants. This coincidence of interests between SC and CCMS furnishes good opportunity for cooperative effort, with SC consideration of oceanographic platform highly relevant to Belgian pilot study in CCMS. Fortunately, Chairman Randers in convenient position to effect liaison between two committees on this and other possible areas of cooperation.
US Rep to SC meeting February 5-6 should draw on above during discussion of CCMS (Item X) and urge full SC support of and cooperation with CCMS.
If results of probes undertaken per State 16050 so indicate, and if Ambassador Ellsworth concurs, US step may also raise question of contemplated CCMS conference on open water pollution and possibility of SC involvement.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970-73, SCI 3 NATO. Limited Official Use; Priority. Drafted by Alan D. Berlind (EUR/RPM) on December 3; cleared with SCI, EUR/RPM, and the White House; and approved by Springsteen.
  2. The telegram reviewed the progress of the CCMS proposal within NATO.