252. Memorandum From the Director, Bureau of International Scientific and Technological Affairs, (Pollack) to Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (Hillenbrand)1 2


  • EUR - Mr. Hillenbrand
  • L - Mr. Stevenson
  • PM - Mr. Spiers
  • INR - Mr. Cline
  • S/PC - Mr. Cargo


  • Discussions on Space Cooperation Between NASA and the USSR Academy of Sciences

Attached are copies of the Summary of Results which was tentatively agreed between Dr. Low of NASA and Academician Keldysh of the USSR Academy of Sciences at the conclusion of their discussions in Moscow last week (Tab A), the joint Communique issued in Moscow on January 21 by the Academy and the US Embassy (Tab B) and the memorandum from Dr. Low to the President dated January 25 which reports Dr. Low’s assessment of these discussions (Tab C).

You will note that the Summary of Results is subject to review and confirmation by Dr. Low and Academician Keldysh within a period of 60 days, and does not go into effect until confirmed (paras 6-8). Dr. Low and Academician Keldysh agreed that the context of the Summary of Results and its four attachments beyond that contained in the ioint Communique. would not be made, public until confirmed.

You will note that the Summary of Results includes a Soviet proposal for cooperation in earth resources surveying involving selected land sites in both countries as well as ocean areas. During the discussion the US [Page 2] delegation did not accept a Soviet proposal for cooperation in space commuiications, since that proposal was directed essentially toward some integration of the INTELSAT and INTER-SPUTNIK operational communication satellite systems, which is a matter beyond the purview of NASA, and was otherwise quite inprecise with respect to cooperation in the study -of satellite communication problems involving very. high frequencies. The latter is a subject which the US may wish to reopen at some future time.

In order to advise Dr. Low whether the Department approves confirmation of the Summary of Results as it stands, I would appreciate your comments at your early convenience.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970-73, SP 1-1 US-USSR. Confidential. Copies were sent to E, IO, P, H, J, EUR/SOV, EUR/SES, EUR, L/SCI, INR/DRF, S/PC, and E/TT. Attached but not published were Tabs A-C.
  2. Summary of the results of a meeting between officials from NASA and the Soviet Academy of Sciences.