17. Letter from Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs Eban to Secretary of State Rogers1 2

The Charge d’Affaires of Israel ad interim presents his compliments to the Honorable the Secretary of State and has the honor to transmit to him the following communication from the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Abba Eban:-

“My dear Mr. Secretary:

My Govermment has accepted with gratification your statement following the hijacking of the TWA plane to Damascus concerning the urgent necessity to ensure the safe release of the two Israelis incarcerated in Damascus. We deeply appreciate the various steps which your Government has already taken to that end. I am also certain that you realize the seriousness as well as the urgency of this matter. However, every day that passes without their release exacerbates the problem both from a humanitarian and political standpoint. It is the growing feeling in Israel that the Syrian behaviour in this matter is fast becoming an insufferable provocation.

“I deeply request that you spare no efforts to liberate the kidnapped Israelis and that you make us fully privy to the steps that your Government is undertaking. I am most grateful to you for all your efforts to date and express the fervent hope that we shall achieve the solution of this most urgent problem.

“Sincerely yours,

Abba Eban

Minister for Foreign Affairs”

The Charge d’Affaires of Israel (a.i.) avails himself of this opportunity of renewing to the Honorable Secretary of State the assurances of his highest consideration.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967-69, AV 12 US. No classification marking.
  2. Eban requested that the U.S. Government spare no efforts to free the two Israeli passengers of TWA Flight 840 in light of the worsening situation.