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China, 1970

57. Memorandum From Laurence E. Lynn, Jr. and Lindsey Grant of the National Security Council Staff to the President's Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)

—As regards the Peking–Taipei relationship, there is no evidence that Peking will try a military solution of the Taiwan problem; Peking will undoubtedly continue to push toward the diplomatic and economic isolation of Taiwan; and Taipei is unlikely to show interest in negotiating a political solution with Peking, even after President Chiang goes.

62. Telegram From the Embassy in Poland to the Department of State

Dr. Kissinger: On the Mainland?

72. Memorandum From Secretary of State Rogers to President Nixon

3:58–6:35 p.m.

76. Memorandum of Conversation


77. Memorandum of Conversation

78. Memorandum of Conversation

82. Special National Intelligence Estimate

83. National Intelligence Estimate