47. Memorandum From the Assistant Director (Domestic Intelligence), Federal Bureau of Investigation (Sullivan) to the Assistant to the Director (DeLoach)1


  • Colonel Alexander M. Haig
  • Technical Surveillance Request

Pursuant to the Director’s request, there is enclosed with this memorandum a letter from the Director to President Nixon setting forth some extremely sensitive material on Morton H. Halperin and Daniel Ira Davidson developed yesterday through our delicate coverage.2

Colonel Alexander Haig read the material this morning and expressed his grave concern and said he would transmit the details of this to Dr. Henry Kissinger.

Because of the explosive nature of this operation, I would like to restate the original request made by Colonel Haig to me. It will be recalled he said that the instructions for the Bureau’s assistance in this [Page 105] matter came from the highest authority; however, to protect the highest authority he would read the materials and advise Dr. Henry Kissinger. He further stated he did not want any of the logs sent over to Dr. Kissinger’s office but that he would read it here and have it kept here. In view of this, I would like to suggest that the Director consider taking this matter up personally and directly with President Nixon rather than having it carried to the President. I suggest this because of the sensitivity related above and that the only way that it could be made known to President Nixon without an intermediary would be through the Director. Additionally, President Nixon might not want anyone else in his office to know of this matter. Lastly, the Director might want to discuss this directly with Dr. Kissinger first.


For the information and consideration of the Director.
That this memorandum be returned to W. C. Sullivan to be retained with the rest of this extremely sensitive material.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 460, Plumbers Task Force, Gray/Wiretap Investigation, Box 27, Witness Statements, Sullivan—Depositions. No classification marking. Typed at the top and bottom of the memorandum is “DO NOT FILE.” A typed note at the bottom of the page reads: “Original impounded by court order. See memo in 63–16062–3.”
  2. The letter to the President is not attached, but a copy of Hoover’s letter to Kissinger of the same date, May 28, is ibid., Box 8, FBI Wiretap Correspondence with WH.