42. Memorandum From the Assistant Director (Domestic Intelligence), Federal Bureau of Investigation (Sullivan) to the Assistant to the Director (DeLoach)1


  • Colonel Alexander M. Haig
  • Technical Surveillance Request

Pursuant to my conversation with the Director, Sunday, May 11, 1969, there is enclosed a memorandum for the Attorney General which the Director may want to discuss personally with the Attorney General. It involves a high-level request for technical surveillance on four individuals whose names are contained in the memorandum.2

As I told the Director, the request emanated from Colonel Alexander M. Haig, who is assigned to Dr. Kissinger Henry A. Kissinger’s staff. Haig came to my office Saturday to advise me the request was being made [Page 100] on the highest authority and involves a matter of most grave and serious consequence to our national security. He stressed that it is so sensitive it demands handling on a need-to-know basis, with no record maintained. In fact, he said, if possible it would even be desirable to have the matter handled without going to the Department; however, I was told the Attorney General is aware in general of the main elements of this serious security problem.

Colonel Haig said it is believed these surveillances will only be necessary for a few days to resolve the issue. We, of course, can handle the matter most discreetly through our Washington Field Office. Colonel Haig said it is not desired that there be any formal dissemination of the results of our coverage to his office. Instead, he will come to my office to review the information developed, which will enable us to maintain tight control of it.


If approved, attached memorandum will not be filed but will be maintained in a secure, off-the-record capacity as basis for authority to proceed in response to this request.3

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 460, Plumbers Task Force, Gray/Wiretap Investigation, Box 8, FBI Wiretap Correspondence with WH. No classification marking. Typed at the top and bottom of the memorandum is “DO NOT FILE.” A typed note to the right of the subject line states “Original impounded by court order. See memo in 63–16062–3.” Below the subject line is written “SPECOV.”
  2. The May 12 memorandum for Mitchell is not attached, but a copy is in the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Richardson Papers, Box TS 1, Kissinger, Henry A., Nomination as Secty of State, Hearings. The “Approved” line at the end of the memorandum is signed by Mitchell and dated May 12. Three of the four individuals named in the memorandum were members of the NSC staff at the time. Attached to Sullivan’s May 11 memorandum is a typed note on the letterhead of the Office of the Director, FBI, dated May 12, that states: “The attached was approved by the Attorney General at 5:48 PM, May 12, 1969.” Written in hand below that note is the following: “6:00 p. called Mr. Sullivan and advised him. HWG[andy].”
  3. At the bottom of the memorandum Hoover wrote “OK.”