40. Memorandum by the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Hoover)1


  • Mr. Tolson
  • Mr. De Loach
  • Mr. Sullivan
  • Mr. Bishop

Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, National Security Adviser to the President, called from Key Biscayne, Florida, and referred to his earlier call to me this morning2 regarding an article on the front page of the New York Times by William Beecher. He said there were two other stories by the [Page 96] same man within the last ten days—one having to do with our Korean decision and one with the National Security study on strategic forces.3 He said what they would like is to tie all three together. I told him I would look up the other articles and include them in the inquiry which we have already started.

Dr. Kissinger asked that I call him as soon as we know something, but even if we don’t, that I call him sometime tomorrow morning to bring him up to date because this is of most intense interest. I told him I would. I also told him I had read the article this morning and there are many facets where I see it would be embarrassing to the Administration and harmful. Dr. Kissinger said they are disastrous because it makes it hard to do this again. I said it also alerts the enemy right away as to exactly what the plans have been.

I told Dr. Kissinger I would call him in the morning. He stated this is of top priority to them. I told him I understood and have issued orders accordingly. Dr. Kissinger said it was reassuring to know I have taken a personal interest in it.

Very truly yours,

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 460, Plumbers Task Force, Gray/Wiretap Investigation, Box 8, FBI Wiretap Correspondence with WH. No classification marking.
  2. See Document 39.
  3. Reference is to two first-page stories in The New York Times by Beecher, one headlined: “Administration Gets Study Of Global Nuclear Strategy,” May 1, and the other headlined “Hints of Reprisal Shield U.S. Planes,” May 4.