348. Editorial Note

This compilation presents documentation on three issues: 1) the dispute during 1969 over whether the Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations should be transferred to the Department of Commerce or remain in the White House; 2) the conflict between the Department of State and the Department of Commerce over control of U.S. foreign economic and commercial functions; and 3) the establishment in January 1971 of the Council on International Economic Policy (CIEP) in the Executive Office of the President. For comprehensive documentation on foreign economic policy, including the operation of the CIEP once it was established and the Nixon administration’s efforts to restructure the foreign assistance program, see Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, volume III, Foreign Economic Policy, 1969–1972; International Monetary Policy, 1969–1972; and ibid., volume IV, Foreign Assistance, International Development, Trade Policies, 1969–1972.