336. Editorial Note

In a press release issued on July 6, 1971, Secretary of State Rogers announced “a reorganization of the Department’s top echelon—the ‘Seventh Floor’—involving changes in the responsibilities of the Under Secretary and other key senior officials. At the same time, the Secretary announced the introduction of a new management system on the Seventh Floor and at the level of Assistant Secretaries which makes use of Policy Analysis and Resource Allocation (PARA) and other modern management concepts. The Secretary also announced further extensive changes in the system of recruitment and administration of Foreign Service personnel.” That same day the Department released the text of William Macomber’s 180-day progress report on management reform in the Department, which spelled out in greater detail the changes approved by Rogers in Document 334 and other reforms recommended by the Department’s task forces. The report noted that the reforms, “while wide-ranging and profound in their effect, do not constitute a drastic reorganization of the Department of State. Rather they are practical measures intended not to change the structure, which is basically sound, but to change attitudes and practices to make that structure work more effectively.” For text of the press release and the report, see Department of State Bulletin, July 26, 1971, pages 103–109; copies are also in the National Archives, RG 59, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Management, Management Subject Files: Lot 76 D 210, ORG 10, Management Improvement, 1971. Copies of the Department’s Management Reform Bulletin, which appeared regularly during 1971 to keep Department personnel informed of changes, are ibid., Management Reform Bulletins. On January 26, 1972, Macomber delivered “an anniversary report” on the Department’s management reform program. A copy is ibid., Manpower Utilization Report, July–December 1971; the report was also printed in Department of State Bulletin, February 14, 1972, pages 206–212. Documentation on implementing the task force recommendations is in the National Archives, RG 59, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary for Management, Management Reform Task Force Papers: Lot 74 D 394.