300. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant (Flanigan) to the Under Secretary of State (Richardson)1

The President has indicated an interest in having more of the experienced, younger members of the Foreign Service Organization appointed to ambassadorships. He feels that benefits would accrue both to the service, in terms of moving its able members who are not yet ambassadors up the ladder faster, and to the country, in terms of having young, seasoned, and energetic representatives abroad. Would you please make every effort to suggest some of these members of the Organization for ambassadorial posts.2

  1. Source: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Richardson Papers, Box 83, Ambassadorial Assignments. No classification marking.
  2. In a March 17 memorandum to Hastings, Haldeman had indicated that the President wanted the names of the five most outstanding young men in the Department: “people in the 25 to 40 year of age group who have demonstrated loyalty, exceptional management ability, and initiative.” (Ibid., Box CL 2, Personnel—General File)