283. Memorandum From the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (Hall) to Secretary of Defense Laird 1


  • DoD/DCI Relationships

You will recall that under the provisions of President Nixon’s 5 November 1971 memorandum directing changes in national intelligence management,2 Dick Helms’ intelligence community-wide responsibilities were given special emphasis.

In their efforts to respond to that memorandum, Dick’s intelligence community staff has made efforts to participate in all stages of the Intelligence Planning-Programming-Budgeting cycle. I believed at the time that the appropriate role of the DCI with respect to Defense intelligence resources should be primarily one of aggregate advisorship, but with full participation in the Consolidated Defense Intelligence Program Review which preceded the development of the Intelligence PDM. I discussed these matters in April and May with Gardiner Tucker and Bob Moot. They shared my views and I also discussed those views with you. On the basis of that discussion, I sent a letter coordinated with Mr. Moot and Dr. Tucker to Dick Helms which formalized the Defense position with regard to DCI participation in DoD intelligence PPBS activities. The letter is attached.3

Recently Bronson Tweedy, Dick’s assistant for community matters, again raised the question of DCI participation in the form of a specific request to participate in our forthcoming FY 74 budget hearings. When I advised him that I did not believe DCI participation to be appropriate or in accordance with the policy we had discussed, Bronson indicated that Dick might raise the issue with you.

I believe the existing DoD/DCI arrangements have been and remain appropriate. They provide the DCI with full opportunity to review and comment on DoD intelligence matters. They also preserve the internal DoD character of the PPBS in the important areas of POM preparation and budget development. I recommend that we maintain the arrangements originally briefed to you.

Albert Hall
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, RG 330, OSD Files: FRC 330 77 0094, 350.09 (March–Dec). Secret. Copies were sent to Rush and Moot. A note on the memorandum reads: “OBE—29 Dec 72.”
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