174. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant (Haldeman) to Secretary of State Rogers1


  • The President’s Visit to the Soviet Union

I have reviewed with the President your memorandum to me of March 14.2 He is, of course, pleased that you are giving personal attention to the State Department preparations for his visit to the Soviet Union.

However, because of the myriad of departmental interests in the substantive issues, it is important that there be no misunderstanding [Page 346] about the coordinating mechanism which should be followed. As has been fully covered in previous memoranda, the NSC Senior Review Group and the CIEP must be the focal points for preparation and coordination of substantive bilateral matters pertaining to the Soviet Summit. All meetings and discussions which you have should be conducted within this framework and consistent with the President’s memorandum to you of January 19, 1972.3

With respect to the physical arrangements, the President has designated Dwight Chapin as the point of contact with whomever Ambassador Dobrynin might designate from the Soviet side. You may be sure that Mr. Chapin will include John Thomas in the preparatory meetings which are held for implementing the physical arrangements for the trip.4

HR Haldeman
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  4. At the bottom of the memorandum Rogers wrote: “I discussed this on the phone. The matter has been straightened out to my satisfaction. WPR