162. Memorandum From the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs’ Special Assistant (Getz) to the Executive Secretary of the Department of State (Eliot)1


  • Security Assistance and NSDM 112

Alex Johnson talked to Al Haig this afternoon and reached agreement with him on the NSDM 112 and the Under Secretary’s memorandum on the Security Assistance Program Review Committee:

We accept the NSDM with two amendments:2
That the sentence at the top of page 2 will end following “the Department of State,” and the remainder of the sentence shall be deleted (i.e., “or the Department of Defense where its programs are exceptionally important”).
In the list of countries selected for FY 74, Jordan will be deleted, Thailand and Cambodia remain.
Regarding the Under Secretary’s memorandum on the establishment of a Security Assistance Program Review Committee, this will be reissued including the amendments proposed by General Haig [Page 333] under cover of his note to Ambassador Johnson of August 16.3 The memorandum, however, in its revised form will be issued as a State Department document over the Under Secretary’s signature rather than a memorandum from the Chairman of the Under Secretaries’ Committee.4

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  4. The memorandum was issued, however, over Irwin’s signature as Chairman of the Under Secretaries’ Committee rather than Under Secretary of State.