153. Memorandum From the Executive Secretary of the Department of State (Eliot) to Secretary of State Rogers1

Attached are the NSDM (Tab A)2 and Henry’s explanatory memo (Tab B)3 on “country programming” which I mentioned to you on the phone.

[Page 322]

There was no advance consultation with anyone in the Department on these instructions. I have confirmed that fact with Jack Irwin, Alex Johnson, Ron Spiers and Bill Cargo.

All of us are agreed that this instruction cuts across what we are doing, at the President’s direction, to establish and obtain legislative authority for a coordinator for Security Assistance at the Under Secretary level in the Department.4 In fact the system outlined in Henry’s memo would appear to have the Coordinator report to one of Henry’s staff.

We all also have doubts that the NSC staff will be able to cope with this system. It was unable to cope with a similar, less ambitious effort last year.

The new system also appears to be an attempt to give DOD greater authority than it received when the President decided in favor of the security assistance coordinator (Tab C).5 For example, DOD would chair coordinating program committees for certain key countries.

The real issue, it seems to me, is whether the Secretary of State or the NSC staff will coordinate resource allocations and ultimately foreign assistance operations.

Jack Irwin thinks you may want to sound out Secretary Laird to determine whether he favors (or stimulated) Henry’s memos or would join with you in first trying to make the new Presidentially approved system at Tab C work.

Both Jack and I believe also that this can be sorted out only by you with the President. In the meantime, as you requested, I am telling Haig that we regret we were not consulted on the new memos, that we have serious substantive and legislative problems with them and that at your instructions I am taking no action on them pending further consultations.

Talking points for you are at Tab D.6

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