141. Memorandum From Secretary of State Rogers to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)1

I have reviewed the cables referred to in your memorandum of February 5.2

[Page 299]

The applicable part of the President’s two directives to which you refer is that governing official communications, which states: “All official communications with policy implications must be cleared with the White House. When in doubt, the rule is that messages will be so cleared….”3

Early in the Administration I established procedures within the Department concerning clearances with the White House. These procedures fully accord with the President’s memoranda of September 1, 19694 and December 21, 1970.5 All of the cables mentioned in your memorandum were handled in accordance with these procedures. They do not in my view depart from policy established by the President, and I therefore do not consider that the question of policy implication arises.

William P. Rogers
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