105. Memorandum From the Secretary of the Treasury’s Special Assistant (Jurich) to the President’s Counselor (Harlow)1

Just a thought for you to consider. In order to help the national security situation here in the White House, would it be possible to strengthen the Vice President’s position.

At this time he does not have any staff members that participate in the process, as I understand it. He does attend the NSC meetings but is not sufficiently briefed to make significant contributions.

I also understand that he does not have a representative on the domestic council. This, too, could be strengthened.

Perhaps an addition to the Vice President’s staff is not feasible, or you may feel it would not be a place to make a major contribution. I’ll let you be the judge.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, White House Central Files, Subject Files, EX FG 6–6. No classification marking. Anthony J. Jurich was Secretary Kennedy’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs. The memorandum is written on paper with no letterhead. On April 24 Harlow wrote the following note at the top of the memorandum: “Stan Blair—Please call me re this—Brice Harlow