531. Telegram From the Embassy in the Congo to the Department of State1

2066. 1. I just talked to Mobutu and told him he was enormously complicating task of US in aiding Congo by permitting anti-American broadcasts. He said hastily he had just given order to High Commissioner for information to withdraw offending broadcasts.

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2. Mobutu then asked again for C–130 mission to east and I said I would see what could be done. It is conceivable that we could undertake mission to Goma tomorrow as reports from there indicate all quiet.

3. Bukavu situation however obviously reaching crisis and I suppose it will be impossible to recommend mission there though Mobutu strongly urges it on ground there is no danger because airport is in Rwanda.

4. During same conversation I reported to Mobutu C–46 had sighted 41 trucks heading towards Bukavu approximately 40 miles from city. Mobutu was grateful for this piece of intelligence.

5. Mobutu did not sound agitated over telephone and perhaps he may be having second thoughts about wisdom of provoking us, but it is too early to say. I believe this tempest might be calmed definitively if we offered a run or two to Goma. On other hand if mercenaries cross into Rwanda, revolt might be over though probably not in manner Mobutu intended.2

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, POL THE CONGO–US. Secret; Flash. Repeated to CINCSTRIKE.
  2. Telegram 16755 to Kinshasa, August 5, stated that the Department would have no objection in principle to a mission to Goma. (Ibid., DEF 19 US–THE CONGO)