485. Telegram From the Station in the Congo to the Central Intelligence Agency1

8761 (In 33138). 1. Have not submitted request for payment to [Mobutu] of [cryptonym not declassified] funds for September and October 1966. Station immediate reaction when [Mobutu] requested [Godley’s] departure was that we should cut off all future payments. On reflection, however, Station reached following conclusions:

A. Cutting off payments to [Mobutu] would almost certainly be interpreted by him as an indication that [USG] no longer supports him. Political repercussions resulting from terminating [cryptonym not declassified] payments would be almost as severe as if [USG] were to cut off [AID] funds.

B. Since [Department of State] has indicated it wishes retain all options, Station believes it would not be advisable cut off [AID] payments. This particularly true since [AID] assistance must, view budgetary [Page 711] cuts, be reduced. [AID] reductions can be explained on the basis of budgetary reductions. However, cutting off [cryptonym not declassified] funds probably would convince [Mobutu] that [AID] reductions are punitive in nature, rather than the result of a budgetary cut.

2. Station has discussed above thinking with [Blake]. Latter is reluctant approve additional [cryptonym not declassified] payments to [Mobutu]. Just prior his departure [Godley] expressed view that [Mobutu] should be taught lesson by having [cryptonym not declassified] funds cut off. Since [Mobutu] has not raised the issue, Station has not pushed the matter with [Blake]. However, suspect we will have to face this problem eventually, as [Mobutu] probably will query Station concerning [cryptonym not declassified] funds next time he short of cash for political action ops.

3. Above views submitted for headquarters information in any discussions it may have with [Godley] and [Department of State] on subject of [cryptonym not declassified] funding.

4. Would appreciate Headquarters guidance as to position Station should adopt in future discussions of [cryptonym not declassified] funding.2

5. No index.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–02502R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, [cryptonym not declassified] Operations, Jan.–Dec. 1966, [text not declassified]. Secret; Rybat; [cryptonym not declassified]. No time of receipt appears on the message.
  2. Not found.