122. Editorial Note

In telegram 4871 to the Central Intelligence Agency, September 28, 1962, the Station in Leopoldville reported that in both its own and the Embassy’s opinion, Joseph Mobutu remained the most effective Congolese National Army officer and key figure on the political scene. Based on numerous discussions with attachés and others, the Station did not believe there was any other CNA officer on the horizon with the political and military qualifications to replace Mobutu. Although he was not as effective as Leopoldville would like, he remained the only available asset to control the CNA. If his position fell to someone else this could easily terminate the [cryptonym not declassified] program. In view of the continued critical political situation and the possibility of a [cryptonym not declassified] coup, the Station recommended continuing support for Mobutu and the CNA, noting that it did not believe the Greene report (see footnote 3 to Document 123) had altered the situation. To date the only steps taken to implement the report, the Station commented, were an invitation for Mobutu to visit the United States and one “impact shipment” which Leopoldville understood was on its way. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 89–00195R, DDO/AF Files, Box 1, Folder 7, [cryptonym not declassified] Operations, Volume I)