121. Editorial Note

Telegram 4662 from Leopoldville to the Central Intelligence Agency, August 30, 1962, reported that Justin Bomboko had discussed the development of new provinces in the Congo with the Chief of Station on August 30, emphasizing that considerable political jockeying was now going on to gain control of them and requesting substantial aid to insure continuation of his influence and that of other [cryptonym not declassified]. The Station strongly recommended providing support, pointing out that if the [cryptonym not declassified] did not have control of their home provinces, they could easily lose their government jobs in Leopoldville. Also the new constitution had to be ratified by a majority of the new provinces prior to its final adoption. Thus, control over the new provinces was important for overall U.S. objectives as well as specific [cryptonym not declassified] objectives. The cable noted that Ambassador Gullion concurred with this request. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–00435R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, Folder 11, [cryptonym not declassified] Operations)

The CIA responded in telegram 33362, August 31, that it considered funding for such purposes valid but premature, in that creation of new provinces required parliamentary action and parliament was now recessed. (Ibid.) Leopoldville advised Headquarters in telegram 4676, August 31, that its information on the timing of formation of the new provinces was not correct. Parliament had already approved many new provinces; most provincial governments would be formed within the next few weeks; and the campaign period for formation of the new provincial governments was already in full swing. The cable reiterated that if the [cryptonym not declassified] did not have control of their home provinces, they could easily be eliminated from the Leopoldville scene, thus jeopardizing the entire political edifice on which U.S. Congo [Page 173] policy rested. The Station recognized and shared Headquarters’ frustrations as a result of continued spending requests to shore up the [cryptonym not declassified]. “However, believe we must be realistic and recognize this as fact of life in Congo. There just is no easy and rapid solution to the Congo problem.” (Ibid.) CIA telegram 33690 to Leopoldville, September 1, approved funding. (Ibid.)