102. Telegram From the Station in the Congo to the Central Intelligence Agency1

2521 (In 30030). 1. [Mobutu] has urgently requested Station provide him with [amount not declassified]. Offered following explanation: When he was in Eliz prior Lovanium endeavoring work out unification of CNA, Tshombe gave him this sum for ANC. [Mobutu] reported receipt funds to GOC on return Leop. Said he later used funds cover multitude smaller CNA expenses for which funds not approved or authorized by finance ministry.

2. [Mobutu] says he fears he soon will be queried re location funds. He fears he will be accused of having pocketed money if he cannot produce it. Says opposition could use argument he paid off by Tshombe.

3. Recognize this is unusual request by view importance to [cryptonym not declassified] ops of maintaining [Mobutu] in his present position. Recommend HQS authorize expenditure [amount not declassified] from [cryptonym not declassified] for passage [Mobutu]. Latter states he will obtain [cryptonym not declassified] authorization to retain money for political ops work within CNA. Although Leop cannot be certain [Mobutu] story as to disposition funds received from Tshombe correct, believe it probably true. GOC finances in such confused state that [Mobutu] often forced go into his own (or KUBARK) pocket meet CNA needs. Also view our assessment of him believe he most honest of Station contacts.

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4. Please advise OpIm as do not wish risk fall of [Mobutu].2

End of message.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–00435R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, Folder 8, [cryptonym not declassified] Operations. Secret; Rybat; [cryptonym not declassified]; Operational Immediate. Received at 2329Z.
  2. CIA telegram 27099 to Leopoldville, November 30, authorized the requested expenditure. (Ibid.)