254. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands0

841. In effort to get talks started again Ambassador Bunker contemplates putting forward simultaneously to both parties following formula which assures GOI it will receive administration of WNG and Dutch that UN will be involved in freedom of choice. Formula would be substantive [Page 567] solution on which agenda for subsequent negotiations under U Thant could be based. Request your comments niact.

Begin Verbatim Text.


The Govts of Indonesia and the Netherlands would each sign separate agreements or a single agreement which would be presented to the SYG.
The Govt of the Netherlands would stipulate the transfer of administrative authority over WNG to a temporary executive authority under the SYG at a specified date. The SYG would appoint a mutually-acceptable, non-Indonesian administrator who would undertake to administer the territory for a period of not less than one year but not more than two. This administrator would arrange for the termination of Netherlands administration under circumstances that will provide the inhabitants of the territory the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice in accordance with para 4 below. This administrator would replace top Dutch officials with short-term, one year non-Indonesian and non-Dutch officials hired on a contract basis.
The temporary executive authority under the SYG would administer WNG during the first year with the assistance of non-Indonesian and non-Dutch personnel. Beginning the second year the SYG would replace UN officials with Indonesian officials, it being understood that by the end of the second year full administrative control would be transferred to Indonesia. UN technical assistance personnel will remain in an advisory capacity and to assist in preparation for carrying out the provisions of para 4.
Indonesia agrees to make arrangements, with the assistance and participation of the SYG and UN personnel, to give the people of the territory the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice not later than——— (period of time to be negotiated) after Indonesia has assumed full administrative responsibility for WNG.
Indonesia and the Netherlands agree to share the costs of the foregoing.
Once this agreement has been signed, the Govts of Indonesia and the Netherlands will resume normal diplomatic relations. End Verbatim Text.1
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 656.9813/3–2962. Secret; Niact; Limit Distribution. Drafted by Sisco; cleared by Bunker, Cleveland, Tyler, Rice, and Bell; and approved by McGhee. Also sent niact to Djakarta as telegram 1089 and priority to USUN as telegram 2505.
  2. In telegram 1747 from Djakarta, March 30, Jones stated that the “formula might be sold to Sukarno” despite the fact that it did not square with his public promise to return West Irian to Indonesian control in 1962. In telegram 731 from The Hague, March 30, Rice “anticipated that the Dutch can be brought to buy this plan,” although it was not consistent with their position that self-determination must precede assumption of administrative control by Indonesia. (Both ibid.)