253. Editorial Note

At the 498th meeting of the National Security Council on March 28, 1962, during which the Geneva negotiations on nuclear testing were the major topic, there was a brief discussion of Indonesia. That portion of Director of Central Intelligence John McCone’s memorandum of the meeting reads as follows:

“3. Indonesia

“Brief discussion brought out facts that as a matter of policy we would wish to do all we can to discourage both Sukarno and the Dutch from getting mixed up in a war. Mr. Bunker has written Sukarno a letter, drafted but not sent, from the President to Sukarno. The Dutch are actively moving destroyers and other ships into the area. They asked permission to fly two bombers manufactured by Lockheed (or Douglas) from the West Coast to Indonesia, however this was refused by State who insisted that the delivery of these bombers must follow the regular course which apparently is to deliver them via the East Coast to the Netherlands, otherwise it felt our position of neutrality would be lost.” (Central Intelligence Agency, DCI/McCone Files)

Regarding the President’s letter to Sukarno, see footnote 3, Document 252.