25. Memorandum From the Regional Planning Adviser, Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs (Usher) to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Rice)0


  • Attached Policy Directive on SEATO1


We are not yet ready to make a firm recommendation regarding a SEATO countersubversion activity. The problem is to identify aspects of countersubversion activity which would neither conflict with our own bilateral countersubversion plans for Thailand nor involve SEATO in regional countersubversion activities having economic and social aspects. Mr. Peters outlined this problem and made a number of recommendations in preparation for Ambassador Young’s recent visit. It was decided at that time that the Ambassador should study the matter further after his return to Bangkok and send us his views. When these are received, we will be able to develop a final policy recommendation.

Meanwhile, a number of important policy decisions regarding SEATO have been made in connection with the recent Thanat visit. I believe it is appropriate that these be the subject of a Policy Directive even though we have not yet formulated a definite set of recommendations regarding SEATO’s countersubversion activity. The instructions regarding Policy Directives provide “That these Directives would, in [Page 55] general, record policy and action instructions created in a wide variety of circumstances; meetings, answering telegrams, task force reports, Presidential and NSC decisions, and the Secretary’s Staff meeting”.

Pursuant to the foregoing, the SEATO Policy Directive has been revised to reflect more precisely the problem we face with respect to a decision on a SEATO countersubversion effort.


It is recommended that you approve.

  1. Source: Department of State, FE Files: Lot 65 D 25, SEATO. Secret.
  2. The Policy Directive was not attached, but an approved version, PD/FE-1, is printed as Document 26.