24. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Thailand 0

1368. SEATO. Seek appointment with Pote Sarasin to report SEATO aspects Thanat visit Washington as seen by US Govt. Tell him that Ambassador Young wants to call on him to give full personal report upon return but that in meantime Dept wants him have preliminary report. Following should be discussed in addition material separate tel for use in talks with SEATO allies.1

Communiqué2 largely speaks for itself. We believe it has had the effect of preventing deep schisms in SEATO by relieving pressure from Thailand for a procedural change (three-fourths rule) that was unacceptable to several SEATO members. In trying find ways reassure Thai Govt it adequately protected by SEATO without such change, we were conscious of Pote’s own view that abandonment of rule unanimity undesirable. Excessive emphasis by Thai press on individual obligations mentioned in communiqué unfortunate but this will not affect fundamental fact, stated in communiqué as well as in treaty, that obligations are both collective and individual. Any attempt by US to correct press treatment of subject would we fear be counterproductive.

Secretary not prepared at this stage agree to establishment definite date for Council meeting. Review with Pote various reasons affecting US [Page 54] position set forth previous tels. Assure him at same time that we would of course expect him be present if SEATO foreign ministers meet informally at time UNGA and would look forward to his visit to US at that time.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 379/3–1062. Secret. Drafted by Peters, cleared by Rice and Koren, and approved by U. Alexis Johnson. Repeated to CINCPAC POLAD.
  2. Apparent reference to circular telegram 1549, March 10. (Ibid., 033.9211/3–1062)
  3. See footnote 2, Document 23.