323. Editorial Note

At the 380th Meeting of the National Security Council, September 25, Acting Director of Central Intelligence General Cabell gave the intelligence briefing on “Significant Developments Affecting U.S. Security.” In his report, Cabell characterized Faisal’s current attitude to the United States as follows:

“In Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Faisal has taken a noticeably harsher line toward the U.S. in recent conversations with the U.S. Ambassador. Faisal may be considering a curtailing of Aramco’s exisiting rights as well as possible improvement in Saudi Arabia’s relations with the USSR and the UAR.”

At the 381st Meeting of the National Security Council, October 2, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles briefed the Council on Faisal’s economic problems and his relations with Saud as follows:

“In Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Faisal was encountering a very difficult fiscal and budgetary problem. While Faisal wanted to economize, King Saud was opposed to this course of action and relations between Saud and Faisal appeared to be somewhat strained.” (Memoranda of discussion by Gleason, September 25 and October 3; Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)

Another extract of this meeting is printed as Document 136.