320. White House Staff Notes Prepared for President Eisenhower0

No. 402

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2. Saudi Arabia—The general situation in Saudi Arabia appears quiet with the Faisal government concentrating on internal and financial reforms and avoiding involvement in intra-Arab disputes. While the Iraqi revolt has increase Saudi attachment to Arab nationalism and possibly increased the risk of assassination or coup by a small pro-UAR group, neither Faisal nor the King has indicated any threat to the ruling family. [2-½ lines of source text not declassified] The King’s opposition and Faisal’s preoccupation with internal matters argue against early establishment of close, formal ties with the UAR, although Saudi policy will be increasingly oriented toward Cairo.

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  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, Eisenhower Diaries. Secret. Eisenhower’s initials are in the margin.