307. Editorial Note

At the 357th Meeting of the National Security Council, March 6, Allen Dulles reported on Saudi-UAR relations and the abortive plot in Syria as part of his briefing on “Significant Developments Affecting U.S. Security” as follows:

“In the Near East, said Mr. Dulles, a dramatic development had occurred over the course of last night. Nasser was now fully engaged in an all-out battle with the remaining pro-Western Arab leaders. [8 lines of source text not declassified]

“In any event, said Mr. Dulles, King Saud’s position is gravely endangered by these developments. Egypt, some days ago, after learning of the plot, had withdrawn their military mission from Saudi Arabia, and this might well lead to a complete break in relations between the United Arab Republic and Saudi Arabia. Turning to the President, Mr. Dulles stated that this current weakening of King Saud’s position, together with other developments, constituted so serious a trend that unless the trend were reversed the pro-Western regimes in Iraq, Jordan, and elsewhere in the Near East may well collapse, and we may find that the USSR will take over control of this whole oil-rich area. The situation was extremely grave.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)