271. Editorial Note

At the 413th Meeting of the National Security Council, July 16, during his intelligence briefing, Allen Dulles informed the Council of continuing Soviet pressures on Iran. According to Gleason’s memorandum of the discussion, July 16, Dulles’ briefing reads as follows:

“Mr. Dulles again indicated that developments in Iran deserved to be followed most carefully. He added that the intelligence community was uneasy. The Shah had recently boldly rejected the Soviet demands but as of now does not seem sure where he is going. We are also very concerned, continued Mr. Dulles, at the incessant propaganda pounding that the Soviet radio was giving the Shah. Some of the weaker members of the Shah’s entourage are apparently urging some kind of understanding with the Soviets. Meanwhile, leaders of dissident groups have been trying to make contacts with U.S. officials. These efforts have been rebuffed.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)