238. Memorandum From the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Affairs (Rountree) to the Under Secretary of State (Herter)0


  • OCB Reports on Iran-Pakistan Union1

You will find attached recent studies on the Iran-Pakistan Union by the Working Groups on Iran and South Asia and by the Office of Intelligence Research and Analysis.

At its meeting on April 23, 1958, the OCB briefly discussed recent indications and talk of a possible union between Iran and Pakistan. At that time the Board requested a study by the Working Groups and it asked that the study be prepared prior to the Shah’s visit (June 30–July 2), to allow time for the adoption of a position, should the subject arise during the Shah’s visit.

As you will note, the reports indicate that the concept of the proposed union is still somewhat nebulous. At this point it does not appear to be in our favor to support such a union. If the question, therefore, is raised in conversation with the Shah, we should not give any impression of encouragement, but rather use the occasion to seek information of the Shah’s views and any definite ideas that may have emerged from his recent talks with President Mirza in Karachi.

  1. Source: Department of State, OCB Files: Lot 62 D 430, Near East. Secret.
  2. The first of these two reports was prepared by the OCB Working Group on Iran and South Asia and consisted of 5 pages. The second was prepared by INR and consisted of 12 pages. They were approved by the OCB at its meeting of June 11 as guidelines for the forthcoming visit of the Shah and were distributed by the OCB on June 18. (Ibid.)