198. Editorial Note

At the 414th Meeting of the National Security Council, July 23, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles briefed the Council on disorders in Iraq as part of his “Significant World Developments Affecting U.S. Security” briefing as follows:

“Iraq, which Mr. Dulles described as a troubled land was, he said, having still more trouble. Apparently the Kirkuk outbreak had been put down more rapidly than our own or the Egyptian press had indicated. Still, however, no one knows much about why the outbreak began or how it began. On the other hand, further outbreaks could occur at any time. Qasim has condemned all the elements involved in these outbreaks and has especially singled out the Communists. Qasim has been invited to go to Moscow for a state visit and it is reported that he has accepted the invitation without, however, specifying any date.”

Later on in the briefing was the following exchange:

“Reverting to the Kirkuk disturbances, the President inquired of Mr. Dulles about the ethnic difference between the Turkomans and the Kurds. Mr. Dulles replied that they are different tribes and had a different language and he believed that they are ethnically quite different. He said that he had virtually completed a lengthy study of the Kurds and would be able to report to the President more fully on his question later.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)