174. Telegram From the Embassy in Saudi Arabia to the Department of State0

847. King Saud sent Tubaishi with message he vitally concerned about danger of Communist Iraq to Saudi Arabia, Arab world and West. Anxious to know plans or thinking of US and British about what to do stop communism in Iraq.1 His information that Qassem Communist and believes if not stopped Communist Iraq will take over Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia in that order, therefore action to counter vital. Tubaishi interjected personal view that US must watch UK to insure British do not fail in what they are attempting but would not elaborate. Nasser has appealed to King and willing do anything for his support but King believes Nasser has lost heavily as result Mosul and Iraqis have powerful weapon in anti-Nasser sentiment in Syria. Claims Nasser has become obsessed by need destroy Qassem. If US and UK are going take action against communism in Iraq can count on King and [Page 414] Saudi Arabia for anything. Saudi Arabia cannot act alone and must continue in its own interest for time being with public posture of neutralism. Again Tubaishi interjected own inability understand why King did not speak out. King now in Mecca but will leave for Riyadh via Jidda on April 8 and hopes for message from USG before then.2

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 787.00/4–459. Top Secret; Limit Distribution.
  2. [Text of footnote not declassified.]
  3. In telegram 891 to Jidda, April 6, the Department asked that Sweeney inform King Saud that the United States shared his concern but recognized that expressions of concern from Western sources might only serve to strengthen the Communist position in Iraq. The Department wondered whether the King would consider approaching Qassim to warn him of the dangers associated with involvement with the Soviet Union. (Department of State, Central Files, 787.00/4–659)