104. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Iraq0

2827. Deptel 2767.1 Inform King and Nuri that following USAF survey RIAF and consultations with UK we have decided provide by grant-aid one squadron of 15 U.S. F–86 jet aircraft. Provision these aircraft is in response Iraqi request for assistance and is earnest our determination assist GOI meet its security requirements and contribute to strengthening Arab Union. We hope be able provide small number these aircraft in near future and deliver full number in stages thereafter as capacity to absorb and maintain established. FYI. Initial delivery of aircraft, possibly within three to four months, contingent on ability GOI make requisite space available and on prepositioning necessary support equipment and maintenance personnel. End FYI.

US military representatives will shortly be in touch with GOI regarding preparations necessary for receipt and handling these aircraft, training and other administrative aspects this matter.

We are aware desire GOI acquire additional modern aircraft; and present offer does not preclude future US aid this field.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 786.5622/4–3058. Secret. Drafted by Waggoner, cleared in draft by Admiral Bergin and Barnes, cleared by McClelland, and approved by Rountree. Repeated to Amman and London.
  2. Telegram 2767, April 23, sent to London and repeated to Amman, Baghdad, and Beirut, reported that the Department had informed the British Embassy of its decision to supply jet aircraft to Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. (Ibid., 786.5622/4–2358)