80. Telegram From the Embassy in Cuba to the Department of State1

19. For Rubottom. Following is expansion of point (C) in Embtel 18.2 Department of State to designate delegate to consider with national directorate of 26 July movement in territory of free Cuba control of supply and use US arms in Cuba.

Consul Wollam says these terms in point (C) possibly flexible and they are not specific.

Following are the suggestions which we believe Wollam can use to obtain release of all captured individuals.

Reiteration that the US Government has suspended shipment of arms under MAP.
Reiteration of statement that the facilities of the GTMO Naval base are available to all aircraft in distress, or on official visits to the base. However, in compliance with the US policy of nonintervention in Cuban internal affairs, the base does not refuel or in other ways service Cuban military aircraft engaged in combat activities.

We do not believe we can meet terms of (C) because it would imply recognition. But as an alternative when Consul Wollam returns that he inform the rebels that he will make a full report to the Embassy on everything that he has observed.

Wollam says that on point (C) he believes rebels want some assurance the US will attempt to exercise control of MAP equipment now in Cuba.

When Wollam last had contact with Raul Castro on July 2, rebels appeared in no hurry to release further hostages.

We have no further word from Wiecha, who was expected to arrive at rebel headquarters July 3 or 4.

Wollam plans to return to hills July 4 if possible.

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