77. Instruction From the Department of State to the Embassy in Cuba 1



  • Increase of Communist Influence in Cuba

The Department is becoming increasingly concerned over reports that communists and other anti-U.S. elements are mobilizing to assume a major role in Cuba in whatever government succeeds that of President Batista. These anti-U.S. forces are seeking to entrench themselves particularly in positions of potential leadership in revolutionary movements, political parties, student and intellectual circles, the labor movement and communications media.

The prime target of these elements appears to be the 26th of July Movement and its affiliates, collaborators and sympathizers. The recent kidnapping of U.S. citizens in Cuba by rebel forces, the anti-U.S. tone of recent Radio Rebelde radio broadcasts and the increasing disregard by the Castro forces for U.S. property in Cuba would indicate that they have made considerable progress in their attempt to influence the pro-Castro groups.

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The Department requests the Embassy to make a special study of this situation and its potentials so far as can be determined at the present time and, in consultation with appropriate U.S. agencies in Cuba, to prepare its recommendations for a counter-program at the earliest possible date in order to enhance United States prestige and influence among the Cuban people and particularly among the population segments mentioned above.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 737.001/7–258. Confidential. Drafted by Leonhardy, cleared with Hill, and approved by Wieland who initialed for Dulles.