108. Telegram From the Embassy in Cuba to the Department of State1

113. For William Snow ARA. Re Embtels 79,2 847,3 63 (paragraph 3)4 and Deptel 728.5 Today (July 20) Minister State inquired regarding [Page 159] delivery T–28 trainers. I said I would advise Department of inquiry by GOC.

Delivery of T–28 trainers was promised to GOC by me in accordance with Deptel 728.

When GOC was about to accept delivery of T–28 (to be used in training student pilots), delivery was postponed by Department because of kidnapped Americans.

Now that all Americans have been released I again recommend (Embtel 79) that Department fulfill commitment. For US to do otherwise could be interpreted in Cuba that US had been intimidated by kidnappers.

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