194. Editorial Note

On January 8, 1957, the First Committee of the U.N. General Assembly completed 6 days of debate on the Korean question. Debate on the question developed along well-established lines, with a general tendency to deplore the lack of progress toward Korean unification, but with no new proposals to break the stalemate established by the Armistice Agreement. The Representatives of Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Soviet Union condemned the May 31 decision of the Unified Command to remove the NNSC teams to the demilitarized zone, but the decision and the August 15 report by the [Page 373] U.N. Command concerning the decision did not become the focus of debate on the Korean question.

At the conclusion of debate, the First Committee, by a vote of 57–8 with 13 abstentions, adopted a draft resolution submitted by the United States which provided that the General Assembly would continue to pursue the goal of a unified, independent, and democratic Korea; would endorse the continuing work of UNCURK in Korea; and would request the Secretary-General to place the Korean question on the agenda for the twelfth session of the General Assembly. (U.N. doc. A/3490) First Committee debate on the Korean question is in U.N. docs. A/C.1/SR.814 through A/C.1/SR.820. On January 11, the General Assembly, by a vote of 57–8 with 9 abstentions, adopted the report of the First Committee as Resolution 1010 A (XI).