130. Circular Telegram From the Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics1

613. Reference CA–52432 and previous re CPR meeting January 28. FYI only. Apparently move under foot led by some Latin American Ambassadors Washington, notably those of Argentina Bolivia Brazil Mexico Uruguay, to take advantage next meeting CPR to make concerted demands on U.S. for attention to such problems as prices of raw materials, terms of trade, reduction of trade barriers, and establishment inter-American financial institution, such as bank or fund, despite awareness U.S. unable accede to such demands at this time and that such topics are largely outside terms of reference proposed by U.S. in setting up CPR (ref. CA–2700)3 and are not [Page 470] covered by draft agenda proposed by Dr. Eisenhower (CA–5243).4 Not clear at this point to what extent this initiative represents considered opinion of governments or personal initiative Ambassadors here. Various Ambassadors from other countries apparently have reservations this approach. End FYI.

Inform Foreign Minister unless you perceive objection (and in your discretion Representative on CPR if available) that U.S. looking forward to January 28 meeting to crystallize scope of CPR recommendations which will be formulated in detail and approved at subsequent meeting in April. Reaction to Dr. Eisenhower’s draft agenda has been generally favorable, it being recognized by many however that topics need to be more clearly defined and limited in scope. Appears to be general tendency to favor concentration on even smaller number important activities.

U.S. believes important contribution to strengthening OAS in usefulness to governments and in minds of peoples of American nations can be made by CPR in various fields but those which offer best opportunities are agriculture, education, public health, fellowships, public information and atomic energy. To illustrate U.S. thinking Dr. Eisenhower intends shortly distribute other members CPR some memoranda outlining programs which U.S. would be happy see accepted.5 They refer to all topics on Dr. Eisenhower’s draft agenda but most important ones deal with subjects mentioned above. SYG OAS has also prepared studies on similar topics which have now been distributed to all members CPR.6 Outstanding proposal having spectacular significance for entire population American continent would be decision by Chiefs of State to put into effect and [Page 471] provide necessary support for program eliminate malaria from continent in five years through OAS leadership.

To carry out program U.S. thinking in terms following financial plan: Some activities to be included in regular programs of OAS organs to be financed by regular quota system and special large and non-recurring expenditures to be covered by special fund based on voluntary contributions.

U.S. aware some countries have wished take up in CPR number of basic economic problems of inter-American relations such as terms of trade, price stabilization projects and proposals for inter-American bank or similar fund. U.S. appreciates importance attached these subjects by other countries and is prepared as always discuss them in appropriate forum. Does not however consider it will serve any useful purpose to attempt at this stage broaden terms of reference CPR to include basic economic questions which are more appropriately taken up at B.A. Conference or through other adequate channels for study and consideration of complex and difficult problems of economic policy. U.S. has moreover clearly stated its inability at this stage to participate in any inter-American bank.

U.S. accordingly hopes that meeting CPR can concentrate upon constructive consideration of useful projects which will achieve purpose for which CPR established and not be distracted by discussion highly controversial economic questions concerning which no practical solution can be visualized at this time.

FYI. Probably best means handling these problems in event members CPR insist upon presenting them is to have CPR recommend they be given proper attention through appropriate channel such as B.A. Conference or IA–ECOSOC. Department would however prefer avoid any discussion these topics CPR if possible. End FYI.

Department continuing discussions in accordance above with CPR Representatives located Washington and Embassies should of course adapt their approach to situations reflected in any recent conversations which they may have had this subject.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 361/1–1657. Official Use Only. Drafted and approved by Dreier.
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  4. Milton Eisenhower sent the draft agenda for the January 1957 meeting, which had been approved by the Interdepartmental Policy Group on November 21, 1956, to all members of the CPR on December 21, 1956. In his accompanying letter, he wrote in part:

    “The agenda has first of all been limited to what appears to me to be a reasonable and manageable number of points. There appears to be a general feeling that it will be preferable for the Committee to concentrate its recommendations on a relatively small number of subjects rather than dilute its efforts over too large a field. Second, each Representative on the Committee will find in this draft agenda topics on which he has already expressed interest. Third, the topics comprising the agenda suggest concrete activities which the OAS should be able to carry out with reasonable promptness. Finally, the list of topics is one on which, I believe, general agreement could be achieved. It is my thought that the Committee, at the January meeting, would not only decide upon the topics to be included on the agenda, but also draft in more concrete and specific terms the proposals for OAS action on which full recommendations or studies are to be prepared.” (Ibid., 361/12–2156) Copies of the draft agenda, labeled CPR Memo 64, are Ibid., OAS Files: Lot 60 D 665, CPR Memos, 64–144 and Ibid., IO/CIC Files: Lot 73 D 227, CPR Memoranda, 61–100. Documentation on the evolution of the draft agenda is Ibid., OAS Files: Lot 60 D 665, President’s Committee October 1956.

  5. None printed. (Ibid., CPR Memos, 64–144)
  6. Not found in Department of State files.