124. Circular Telegram From the Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics1

172. Inform President if possible otherwise appropriate top official there has been satisfactory response ideas suggested Depcirtel 1502 and Department making plans September 17–19 meeting accordingly.

Also state meetings have been held with Dr. Eisenhower and various representatives U.S. Government with view clarifying fields [Page 462] and problems re which OAS can be more effectively utilized within terms reference outlined President Eisenhower’s speech and note (Depcirtel 100).3 Present thinking is to select topics in economic, financial, social and technical fields which lend themselves to active development through OAS within general framework present structure of Organization. Among specific topics receiving consideration are: training, research and technical assistance to governments in agriculture; improvement of industrial productivity; broadening inter-American business and professional contacts; eradication certain diseases; expansion educational and training facilities; increase research, training and technical assistance in housing; and peaceful uses of atomic energy. Emphasize no firm conclusions reached on any of these points at this time but by September 17 meeting U.S. will be prepared suggest specific topics which it considers appropriate for thorough examination pursuant procedure set forth Depcirtel 1204 and give some idea of approach which U.S. thinks would be useful.

Dr. Eisenhower will set forth above ideas at meeting September 17 and hopes other representatives will be prepared express theirs. Not intended however promote substantive discussions of possible conclusions at September 17–19 meeting, this being reserved for second session following detailed studies.

Embassy should seek establish contact also with representative who will attend September 17 meeting and convey above if he is now in country. Seek elicit indication ideas being considered by government and report. Should other governments indicate interest in proposing establishment Inter-American Bank or international agreement re disposal agricultural surpluses Embassy should discourage thought such proposals could prosper in view clearly established policy of U.S. on both points plus fact both topics on agenda Buenos Aires Economic Conference.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 361/9–656. Confidential. Drafted by Dreier and approved by Holland. Dreier was named by Holland as coordinator of the preparations for the Inter-American Committee of Presidential Representatives.
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