122. Circular Telegram From the Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics1

120. ReDepcirtel 100.2 Department in consultation with Dr. Milton Eisenhower has been giving thought to functioning of Presidents [Page 455] Committee. You should immediately convey the following ideas to Foreign Minister and ascertain views his government.

Best procedure would appear to be to hold two meetings. First would be organizational and would provide opportunity for exchange of general ideas and presentation of suggestions regarding areas in which functioning and utilization of OAS could be improved. Guide lines for a work program would be adopted. Committee would then adjourn to permit OAS and each government to study proposals in detail and prepare and exchange concrete recommendations. It is hoped first meeting might last no more than three days. Hope within few days to authorize proposal target date during last half September.

Second meeting would follow few months later and would be full-scale meeting lasting perhaps two or three weeks which would prepare final recommendations for presentation to the respective Presidents.

In consonance with President Eisenhower’s nomination of Dr. Milton Eisenhower as his representative, U.S. hopeful that Presidents will name representative of Cabinet or equivalent rank to assure that Committee will be made up of representatives having sufficient prestige to obtain implementation of its recommendations. Where representatives have already been named, doubtful if further representations this subject should be made. Where representatives not named, suggest you tactfully convey to Foreign Minister for consideration President the above hope.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 361/8–1256. Confidential. Drafted by Rubottom and signed for the Secretary by Holland.
  2. Supra.