94. Telegram From the Chargé in Italy (Durbrow) to the Department of State1

4430. From Eisenberg CSC Mission.

Understand German proposal for Messina conference2 envisages further integration of six CSC countries using both functional and overall approach. Participation other countries not excluded but action to start from six members. Council of Ministers of CSC would work out solutions on case by case basis with aid of high authority.

Cavaletti3 expressed today great concern about Italian position which calls for integration within OEEC or WEU framework and rejects action on six countries basis. He says this position reflects views of certain Foreign Affairs Ministry officials, but no reorientation Italian policy decided by government. Cavaletti fears Italian approach might preclude for long time progress towards effective European integration on basis CSC if they knew that US continues to favor six nations community concept. He says lack of any recent indications US views leads Foreign Office to believe US no longer favors community concept in view EDC defeat.4

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 850.33/5–2955. Secret; Niact. Repeated for information to Paris, London, Luxembourg, Brussels, Bonn, and The Hague.
  2. The Foreign Ministers of the six CSC countries were scheduled to meet at Messina, Italy, June 1–3.
  3. Sabino Cavaletti di Oliveto, Italian Ambassador to Luxembourg.
  4. Telegram 4431 from Rome, May 29, reads as follows:

    “In light Cavaletti statement to Eisenberg and since Embassy has received query from Foreign Office re US views on further integration steps, we should appreciate Department’s urgent instructions on what we may say to Italians re six-country approach versus OEEC approach.” (Department of State, Central Files, 850.33/5–2955)