141. Telegram From the Secretary of State to the Department of State1

Secto 22. In discussion with Brentano Dec. 17, Secretary asked for Federal Government’s views on atomic energy pool. He said he and President were hopeful that six-power project would be worked out. He said that degree of cooperation from US would be greater on basis of community approach than on basis of individual effort. Said he had made this point to Spaak earlier in day.2 He pointed out strong US support for six-power community approach. He felt certain there would be disposition in both executive and legislative branches of US Government to be more favorable to six-power group than on bilateral basis. He also felt that community approach would help solve problem of controls of materials of weapon quality produced in process of producing energy. Expressed hope that Federal Government would move in this direction, noting that there is apparently some difference of opinion on this subject Germany and opposition in industrial circles.

Brentano said that Federal Government fully supported Messina program, particularly community approach to atomic energy. British opposition to community approach had created real difficulty in Germany, since it gave opponents additional arguments. He had spoken to Macmillan about this and said matter would be discussed in WEU. He was personally convinced that some institution, not necessarily supranational in character, was needed to deal with atomic energy problem and was convinced that OEEC could not provide necessary basis. He also said that he did not think OEEC could provide closer integration among six nations. He asked whether US could not indicate its support for six-nation approach and fact that it did not support other programs. Secretary said that he doubted whether US could go that far. While it could not exert pressure, it could use its influence. He informed Brentano of line he had taken in his press conference3 and said matter would probably be discussed with Eden when he visited Washington since President very much interested. He had already discussed it with Macmillan.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 840.1901/12–1755. Secret. Repeated for information to Bonn, London, Brussels, The Hague, Rome, and Luxembourg.
  2. See Secto 19, supra.
  3. A transcript of Dulles’ press conference of December 17, marked “not for attribution” is in Department of State, RA Files: Lot 58 D 374, General—Economic Integration.