112. Telegram From the Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Germany1

164. Ref: Embtel 188 July 15.2 Dept and AEC urgently exploring legal, security and policy aspects US cooperation European atomic pool.

Under circumstances, you should not inform Brentano along lines statement reftel, but confine your remarks to (1) confirmation US support for European integration on Schuman Plan lines including any European initiative on this basis in atomic energy field; (2) explanation US studying problems involved in US cooperation with such a European atomic pool; and (3) denial that as matter of principle US favors bilateral relationship to exclusion encouragement and support European development in this field.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 840.1901/7–1555. Confidential. Drafted and approved by Palmer.
  2. In telegram 188, Ambassador Conant reported that during an informal dinner conversation with Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brentano that week, he was asked officially what the U.S. position was regarding the development of atomic energy for peaceful uses on a European basis. Von Brentano pointed out that he had heard a rumor that the United States wished to encourage the joint development of atomic energy for peaceful purposes between the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany rather than to encourage and support European development. Conant proposed to give essentially the following statement to von Brentano when he saw him the next week:

    “While U.S. Atomic Energy Act 1954 requires bilateral agreement between U.S. and FedRep if certain info and assistance is to be provided, it is U.S. policy to support and encourage European development atomic energy. We do not contemplate a purely German-American atomic energy development on exclusive bilateral basis. When European plans are further developed, I assume we would be ready give same info and assistance to each cooperating European nation.

    “If this is in any way incorrect, please inform me before Tuesday.” (Ibid.)