101. Editorial Note

Konrad Adenauer, German Chancellor, arrived in the United States on June 13 for a series of discussions with United States officials over a 3-day period. In a conversation of June 14 with Secretary of State Dulles, the question of European integration was discussed. A portion of the memorandum of that conversation by Cecil B. Lyon, Director of the Office of German Affairs, reads in part as follows:

“The Secretary referred to his Paris discussion on the question of European integration with the Chancellor and said that the American people continue to have tremendous concern in this question. He added that there has been recently a slight feeling that of late the Chancellor’s views may have altered on the subject of European integration. However, the Secretary felt that on the basis of the talks with the Chancellor that such a feeling is not correct. The Secretary stated he believes we have taken steps forward both politically and militarily and that such concepts as the Coal and Steel Community were good and should be held on to.

“The Chancellor replied that he was in full agreement and only the day before his departure from Germany he had discussed the matter with Economic Minister Erhard and the latter had told him of his talk when in Washington with the Secretary. He, Erhard, stated that he was a determined friend of European integration. The Chancellor added that he had instructed Professor Hallstein to push forward on this matter at Messina but the French would not go along. The Chancellor reminded the Secretary that this was an election year in France and there was no uniform opinion in France with respect to European integration. This situation must be taken into account and the Chancellor did not think it was possible for the present to establish any further supra-national organizations, although Pinay himself was a friend of integration.

“The Secretary expressed regret that his friend Monnet was not longer in a position to help in this field.” (Department of State, Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation: Lot 64 D 199)