Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 212

No. 518
Proposal of the Soviet Delegation 1


top secret
The Foreign Ministers of France, the United Kingdom, the USSR and the United States, meeting in Berlin,
Taking into account the need to settle definitively the Korean problem on the basis of establishing a unified, independent and democratic Korea as an important step toward the reduction of [Page 1193] international tensions, and the need to consider other urgent problems, in particular those relating to the re-establishment of peace in the areas of Asia;
Noting, in connection therewith, the difficulties which have been encountered in concluding the requisite arrangements for the convening of a Political Conference on Korea, pursuant to paragraph 60 of the Korean Armistice Agreement;
Agree to convene at a Conference of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, the USSR and the Chinese People’s Republic;
Agree further that the other countries concerned shall also be invited to take part in the said Conference during considerations of appropriate matters thereat;
Agree moreover that the following items shall be considered at the Conference:
Statements by the delegations of the above-mentioned countries which would take part in the Conference and an exchange of views on such statements;
Political Conference on Korea.
  1. This proposal was introduced at the second restricted meeting of the conference on Feb. 11. For the U.S. Delegation record of that session, see Document 459. This proposal was transmitted in Dulte 65 from Berlin, Feb. 12. On the evening of Feb. 11, Bohlen was given a revision of the fourth and fifth paragraphs. For their texts, see footnote 2, Document 463.