Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 197

No. 519
Proposal of the Soviet Delegation1



Conclusion of the State Treaty for the Re-Establishment of an Independent and Democratic Austria

The Governments of the USSR, France, the United Kingdom and the USA recognize that the consolidation of peace in Europe and the need for ensuring the national rights of the Austrian people require an early re-establishment of a free and independent Austria, and that, the settlement of the Austrian question should be in conformity with the existing Four-Power agreements.

Accordingly the Governments of the Four Powers agree:

1. To instruct the Deputy Ministers for Foreign Affairs to draft, within a period of three months, the final text of “The State Treaty [Page 1194] for the Re-establishment of an Independent and Democratic Austria”, on the following lines:

a) To conclude the preparation of the draft State Treaty with Austria, which was in the main agreed among the Four Powers in 1949, according to which Austria shall be re-established as a sovereign, independent and democratic state and shall be freed from control by the Four Powers, the existing control machinery—the Allied Commission for Austria and all its organs—being abolished and the occupation of Austria being terminated.

b) To insert in the text of the State Treaty with Austria the following additional article:

“Austria undertakes not to enter into any coalition or military alliance directed against any Power which participated with its armed forces in the war against Germany and in the liberation of Austria.

“Austria undertakes further not to permit the establishment on its territory of foreign military bases and not to permit the use of foreign military instructors and specialists in Austria”.

The Governments of the USA, the United Kingdom, France and the USSR on their part shall assume the obligation to observe the provisions of this Article;

c) Note shall be taken of the communication of the Soviet Government to the effect that, being desirous of meeting the wishes of the Austrian Government, it agrees that Austria shall pay, in the form of deliveries of goods the sum which, in accordance with Article 35 of the draft State Treaty, is due to the Soviet Union on account of the former German assets.

2. In order to prevent any attempt at a new Anschluss, to postpone, pending the conclusion of a peace treaty with Germany, the withdrawal of the troops of the Four Powers stationed in the territory of the respective zones of Austria.

To withdraw from the city of Vienna all foreign troops simultaneously with the abolition of the Allied Commission.

The troops of the Four Powers temporarily left in Austria shall not be occupation troops and shall not perform the functions of occupation, nor shall they interfere in the affairs of the Austrian Administration nor in the social and political life of the country.

The legal status of these troops shall be determined by a special agreement which shall be prepared by the Four Powers with the participation of Austria, and which shall enter into force simultaneously with the coming into force of the State Treaty with Austria.

3. To instruct the Deputy Ministers for Foreign Affairs to consider the question of Trieste in connection with the proposal of the Soviet Government that the City of Trieste and the territory adjacent to it shall not be used as a military base.

  1. This proposal was introduced at the fifteenth plenary on Feb. 12. For a record of that meeting, see Secto 129, Document 464.