396.1 BE/1–2654: Telegram

No. 363
The United States Delegation at the Berlin Conference to the Department of State1


Secto 26. Both Eden and Bidault said today that Soviets are going to great lengths to be amiable in their contacts with members of British and French delegations who they are contacting daily. They indicated these Soviet tactics aimed at driving a wedge between the US on one hand and France and UK on other, are transparently clear and in marked contrast to the unconstructive tone and content of Molotov’s opening speech.2

This morning Malik called on Nutting (UK) and exuded good will. He referred to agenda proposed by Molotov and blandly said Soviets did not want a long drawn out discussion on the five power conference but just agreement that such a conference would be held.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, and Moscow.
  2. Regarding Molotov’s opening statement, see Secto 17, Document 355.